Illuminations: Reflections of Earth

We’re gathered here tonight, around the fire — as people of all lands have gathered for thousands and thousands of years before us — to share the light, and to share a story

*image credit Walt Disney World

Gather around World Showcase Lagoon to witness Epcot’s spectacular nightly fireworks display. Illuminations: Reflections of Earth debuted in October 1999 as part of The Walt Disney World Millennium Celebrations. Fast forward to present day and the show still remains as breathtaking and enchanting as it did when it launched. Imagine going to the theatre to see a play, well Reflections of Earth is the play and World Showcase Lagoon is your theatre. This show tells a story of the Earth told in three parts.

Act One: The Earth is Born

This act begins with a short narrative introduction to the show, before the lights quickly fall wrapping the audience in an eerie silence. The drums begin and the quickening tempo will have your pulse racing. A lone shooting star then bursts upwards towards the sky, accompanied by a fireworks display of epic proportions. The water fountains dance up from the lagoon to a powerful musical score, hypnotising everyone in sight. Darkness falls again and in the distance, you will see the Earth being born as it slowly revolves around the lagoon.

Act Two: The Triumph of Life

As the earth continues to move around the lagoon, the beautiful fountains  continually change color. The music, which started off gentle and soothing now changes it’s beat. The Pavilions surrounding World Showcase Lagoon light up as act two ends with a second round of fabulous fireworks, strobe lighting, and pyrotechnics.

Act Three: Hope for the Future

Starting with the gentle song “We Go On,” this act gives the audience a chance for quiet reflection. Images of people holding hands can be seen on the earth as it glistens across the water before opening up like a flower to reveal a lighted torch inside. The flames of the torch take you into the final display of fireworks. This display is visually overwhelming and will leave you fighting back tears.

Take a bow Illuminations:Reflections of Earth, a visually stunning and moving performance.