American Adventure

Step back into the history of the United States at American Adventure

1776 seems like a great year for a revolution! George Washington, Nathan Hale, and Thomas Jefferson brought together a people to be unified for one common goal, and that is freedom for all! Together, these men and many more, thrust a birthing nation into an adventure of a lifetime. With sprawling mountain tops, vast lakes, beautiful beaches, and golden plains, they chose a path that would essentially change the entire world.

*image credit Walt Disney World

Wishing you had a time machine to experience the beginning of this great adventure? Instead of traveling back in time, just travel on over to the American Adventure in Epcot. This host pavilion will transport you to a setting that pays homage to the creation of this great nation.

With its single Colonial Style building, which uses forced perspective to turn a five story building into a two story building, this pavilion sets the stage for you to glean information about this nation throughout the years. Inside this gigantic building, the architecture alone can take your breath away.

The awe-inspiring interior of The American Adventure *image credit Walt Disney World

While standing speechless looking into the enormous oval shaped ceiling, you will be mesmerized by the harmonies of the 8 part acapella group “Voices of Liberty.”  Traveling through their repertoire of classic American songs, they will take you on a journey as you read quotes from famous people in American history.

*image credit Walt Disney World

Journey up the wonderful staircase, where you will be able to see a history of the American flag, before entering the American Adventure Theater. Take your seats in this educational theater and get ready to absorb the history of America. Surrounding the seating area are beautiful statues representing the heart of the United States culture. Immerse yourself in the vivid stories of Plymouth Rock, the Boston Tea Party, the writing of the Declaration of Independence, the Civil war and even the invention of the telephone. The thirty-five audio animatronics are an extraordinary feat and the perfect way to tell each story presented to you.

Pulled-pork is a great option at Liberty Inn *image credit Walt Disney World

Leaving the theater, stop and grab a bite to eat at the “Liberty Inn”.