Akershus Royal Banquet Hall

Eat like Norwegian Royalty at Epcot

A fantastic, unique dining experience is waiting at Akershus *image credit Walt Disney World

Across the courtyard from the Stave Church, you can dine like a princess, or prince, at Akershus. From the early morning breakfast with bagels, muffins, eggs, bacon and salmon, to the afternoon of Norwegian meatballs, roast, lentils, scallops and four cheese pasta, Akershus will take you on a culinary adventure your taste buds will want to experience time and time again. While enjoying this fancy feast, Princesses will stop by your table to welcome you to their banquet hall. Snap your pictures as they smile and add their touch of beauty to the Norwegian scenery.

Akershus is a meal fit for royalty *image credit Walt Disney World