Morocco Pavilion

Keep an eye out for magic lamps while you visit Morocco

*image credit Walt Disney World

The Morocco Pavilion, added in 1984,  was designed and sponsored by its home country. Many of the impressive structures are replicas of important religious landmarks you can find in Morocco.  Chellah is a model of a Necropolis and Koutoubia is a replica of the Minaret in Marrakesh.  Due to the important history behind these buildings, the Moroccan pavilion is not lit during the nighttime fireworks spectacular Illuminations: Reflections of Earth.

Restaurant Mararakesh offers delicious, authentic cuisine in the Morocco pavilion *image credit Walt Disney World

Experience authentic Moroccan Cuisine at Restaurant Marrakesh.  


Spice Road Table offers a cozy atmosphere with some great spots to catch Illuminations. *image credit Walt Disney World

Dine in a relaxed atmosphere at Spice Road Table


*image credit Walt Disney World

Shopping in Morocco


*image credit Walt Disney World

Meet Princess Jasmine and Aladdin in Morocco





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