Living with the Land

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Gain a whole new appreciation for our shared Earth at Living With the Land

Board one of the boats and enjoy a slow, 17 minute ride that tell about the history of how humans have interacted with the Earth with the help of animatronics and film presentations.  A variety of biomes and how agriculture has developed is also explored. The boats then ride right through the middle of a greenhouse that is used for researching new methods of raising crops and fish. Guests learn about new techniques in agriculture that may change the way we use the land in the future.

There are no height restrictions on this attraction and guests using wheelchairs can use accessible boats that will allow them to get on the boat without having to transfer. Those using ECVs however, will need to transfer to a seat or wheelchair to enter the ride vehicle.

The foods grown in the greenhouse are used in many locations throughout Epcot. During the Food and Wine Festival, signs are posted in the greenhouse that show which resources are used in dishes featured at the festival. For an additional fee, guests can take a walking tour through the greenhouse called the “Behind the Seeds: A Special Guided Greenhouse Tour”