Test Track

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Ride the FASTEST ride on Disney property at Test Track!

*image credit Walt Disney World

Do you feel the need for speed? Reach speeds of over 65 miles per hour as you blast around the track testing out new automotive technology on the Test Track. At this attraction, guests in the queue can see new Chevrolet vehicles and technology on display. As guests prepare to board, they can use the touch screen kiosks to design their own test vehicles.  Once on board the ride vehicle, guests ride the vehicle through several driving tests, and the vehicles that they designed are scored on how they would have performed on the tests. Last but definitely not least, guests are driven outside to the track where they test the acceleration and braking of their vehicle.Guests will be able to tweak the body shape, color, engine type and more as they design their vehicles. At the conclusion of this activity, the designs are saved and later synced to the ride vehicle.

This attraction includes quick turns, flashing lights, sound effects and quick stops. Guests need to be 40 inches tall to ride. This attraction lasts four minutes.

You will need to be able to transfer from your wheelchair or ECV. There are Cast Members who are able to assist you in transferring to the car. You can transfer in one of two areas; the main boarding area where you are positioned above the car and have to transfer down into the car or the seat belt check area where you are on the same level as the car and would transfer across. There is also an additional grab bar that you can request that goes across your chest for additional stability during quick turns and stops. A test car is provided outside of the attraction.


Guests design their own concept car which will be put to the test on Test Track *image credit Walt Disney World


Race around the track and test out your new concept vehicle *image credit Walt Disney World