Mission: Space

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Take Space Camp to a WHOLE new level with Mission: Space

*image credit Walt Disney World

3,2,1… Ignition! Blast off on your own mission to Mars on Mission: Space. This attraction is a thrill ride/simulator that uses some of the same technology that is used to train astronauts. In the well-themed queue area, guests can check out displays of astronaut gear and watch cinematics about the history of spaceflight. It is here where guests will have to make an important decision… green or orange? This attraction has 2 versions for guests to choose from, the less intense green version or the more intense orange version. Both versions are very similar and use the same simulation and story for your mission. You will be strapped into your launch vehicle and each member of your 4 person crew will have a different job assigned to them. There will be a short training film narrated by Gary Sinise before you are rotated back and locked into launch position. In the green version of this attraction, your vehicle will rock back and forth in sync with the events happening on screen. The orange version does this as well, but what makes it more intense is that in this version, the vehicle is on a centrifuge and it is spun in a way that is similar to what astronauts experience in their training. You will experience up to 2.5 G as you launch into space. This is done very well, and in your vehicle you do not feel like you are spinning, you just feel the G forces build up on you. This version of the ride has been known to make people have motion sickness, so make sure that you are up to the task if you choose the orange version.

This attraction is 5 minutes and 38 seconds long and you have to be 44 inches tall to ride.

You will need to transfer from your wheelchair or ECV. This is accomplished via a transfer seat. You may want to let cast members know that you would like to use the seat prior to your boarding so it is ready for you. You would then transfer from your chair to the seat and then into the ride vehicle. Cast members are there to assist if needed.

Work with the rest of your team to ensure a successful mission to Mars! *image credit Walt Disney World