Ellen’s Energy Adventure

Dinosaurs come to life at Ellen’s Energy Adventure

Take a trip back in time as you board the large attraction vehicle for Universe of Energy. This long running attraction features Ellen Degeneres and Bill Nye as guests coast through an animatronic and cinematic experience that outlines how we use energy, how it is produced and information about emerging technology and ways to conserve energy. The attraction starts with an 8 minute video presentation before you board the vehicle. The ride is very slow and makes no sudden movements, but there are loud sound effects and flashing lights that may affect those who are sensitive. This ride is wheelchair accessible, but those using ECVs will have to transfer. This is the longest attraction by far at 45 minutes in length. It can be a welcome rest and cool retreat on a hot summer day.

This pavilion originally opened with the park in 1982, with the current version of the attraction featuring Ellen debuting in 1996.

*original content by Kris W.